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November 2021

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September 2021: In this Issue

Questa Studio Art Tour Recap

It’s 5:30 am on Saturday, August 14, the morning of the tour, and I have my morning decaf and steel-cut oats. I feel excited, anxious, and hopeful that the studio

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Snippet: Dollar Store Progress

Earth is getting moved and steel is being delivered at the new Dollar Store construction site, in the lot south of J&L Powersports in town on NM-522. Author Lou McCall

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Remembering Russell Alan Church

Russell Alan Church, age 61, of Red River, New Mexico, passed peacefully on July 28, 2021 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma

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BODY MIND SPIRIT: September 2021

I Remember I remember my younger years and see themfrom quite a distance now.I remember laughing till my sides hurt.I remember riding our old farm horse and fallingoff because my

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“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain The cardinal points of the zodiac include

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Positive Thoughts: September 2021

QUESTA DEL RIO NEWS would like to thank Donna Mitchell-Moniak, for her tireless service to our newspaper community. This September edition of POSITIVE THOUGHTS will be Donna’s last article for

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Snippet: Repurposing Plastic

Friday work party in Questa, with the Repurposing Plastic Project. Volunteers bale up the plastic in black plastic bags for use in construction projects. A new baler makes the compacting

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Bird is the Word: SEPTEMBER 2021

Evening Grosbeaks Evening Grosbeaks make their home around northern and middle New Mexico, mostly following the distribution of budworms, a needle-eating insect and preferred snack for Grosbeaks during summer. The

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September COMIC Relief: ZED

Author Duane M. Able “ZED” currently appears in several weekly newspapers and has been collected into Corkey Comics book publications. Duane is a proud member of The National Cartoonists Society

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Last month on page 3, What are you Grateful for? The names were out of order. They should have been listed on the order of Tim Long, Gretchen Schum, Marta

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Questa Del Rio News
is Online!

We are so excited to finally offer our new website to the community! The public now has access to all stories and updates throughout the month, now online at

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LIVE LAUGH LOVE: September 2021

We are NOT pre-programmed to deteriorate as we age Science is now revealing new, exciting details about our bodies and our minds—about how our bodies change and why. Scientists and

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Talk to the Hands

Over 30 million people use sign language to communicate, but only a fraction of the world’s population can understand them—until now. Kenyan inventor Roy Allela has designed a pair of

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The Lions Club: Recycling Eyeglasses

Reprinted with permission from Helping someone see better is easy! Did you know that you can make a positive change in someone’s life by donating your old eyeglasses? Lions

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The Trout of Questa

Anyone who’s known me for more than a few minutes has learned that I am somewhat of a trout geek. Since I first became aware of their existence as a

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Sometimes parents cannot care for their children, and that duty falls to their grandparents. According to the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, up to 72% of children

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New History Teacher at Questa High

We would like to introduce the new history teacher at Questa Junior-Senior High School. Please welcome Flora Buerger. Tell us a little bit about yourself.I am a geographer and have

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Three-for-One Applesauce

IngredientsEnough apples to fill a large crockpot, cored, peeled, and cut. Experiment with these ingredients and increase as desired. 1 t cinnamon1 t nutmeg1 t salt1 t vanilla1 t lemon

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The Day in the Life of a Roly-Poly

Armadillidium Vulgare, aka Roly-Poly, is an isopod, a type of non-insect arthropod also known as a terrestrial crustacean. It is sometimes called a roly-poly due to its ability to roll

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Remembering 9/11 Twenty Years Ago

This year, September 11 commemorates the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. The assault resulted

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September 2021: Vanette Harris

“I love this area!” says Vanette. She and her husband, David, have been coming here since the late 1990s. A time-share in Red River and an AirStream camper ensured that.

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