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A Busy Summer for the Questa Visitor Center

After opening for Memorial Day weekend at the start of this summer, the Questa Visitor Center will close for the season at the end of the day on Sunday, October 3, after the 33rd Annual Cambalache celebration. Hundreds of visi-tors stopped by the visitor center each week over the summer to learn about the area, and they were enthusiastically greeted and welcomed with answers to every question and abundant brochures and maps by our knowledgeable information specialists who have come to be known as “Ambassadors.”

Margo Cardenas served her fourth season at the visitor center this year, with help from newcomer Benita Muniz, who staffed the center two days a week. The most popular inquiries were for suggestions on what NOT to miss in our area, and the answers were as varied as the guests’ interests—The Rio Grande del Norte National Monument was always high on the list, along with historic St. Anthony’s Church, recommendations for hiking trails and fishing, and pursuits of the arts.

Furnished with southwestern furniture and turquoise display cabinets, donated by business owner of Frye’s Old Town and The Jewelry Lady Paulette Kiker in Red River, Questa merchandise was beautifully displayed and in high demand, including stick-ers, t-shirts, mugs, reusable logo bags, books by local authors, and area artist notecards. Questa is being promoted by our visitors across the country by sporting Questa logo items!
With vaccinated travelers venturing out to explore new destinations this year, the Questa Visitor Center was more than twice as busy as last year. Next summer the visitor center will be twice as busy again, with the new 2022 Questa advertising campaign running in partnership with New Mexico True, and hopefully COVID-19 will be in the rear view mirror!

The Questa Visitor Center at 1 Highway 38 in beautiful downtown Questa will be closing for the season after Cambalache on October 3. The doors will open again on Memorial Day weekend, 2022, or by appointment by calling (575) 586-2149.