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October 2022

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Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Rio Costilla Beavers: Friend and Foe

Rio Costilla Beavers: Friend and FoeThe Rio Costilla has certainly had its share of water troubles in the past. Disputes have flared between towns, acequias, and parciantes on both sides

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Agua es Vida Para Aves

This year’s monsoons were a welcome reprieve from the dry conditions of previous years to both human and avian kind. New Mexico has been in a drought since 2000, and

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The BLM Junior Ranger Training

On Sept. 8, 2022, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from Alta Vista Elementary ventured out to Wild Rivers for a day of training to become Junior Rangers. Six staff and

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Monarch Butterflies Now On Endangered List

The migratory monarch butterfly is the newest member of the endangered species list. Dwindling numbers accelerated by climate change, overdevelopment and pesticide use bring the iconic insect closer to extinction.

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Fall Migration Begins in the Summer!

Yep, despite summer being far from over, several species have already begun their journey to Central America. During this migration season, there are opportunities to see a rainbow of different

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My Bucket List

When I ran a fly shop long ago, I’d look at fishing magazines and see myself in all the pictures. I hadn’t heard the term “bucket list” yet, and if

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Take The One Less Traveled

Those were all questions my husband and I asked when we arrived back in Questa for the summer. Eagle Rock Lake is always one of our first stops when we

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Casting Outward: Book Review

In the world of today—200,000 years into human evolution and a couple centuries into the Industrial Age—few living beings can embody the concept of pristine Nature like native fish. We

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Mindful Birding

In case you didn’t notice, we’re in some hard times right now. This month’s article is about a way I’ve found to cope with increasing stress through combining mindful meditation

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Deep History at Wild Rivers

By Deborah Archuleta-Moreno There are many places in New Mexico that I have come to admire and appreciate, and one of the most enchanting places New Mexico has to offer

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