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January 2022

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Mission: To Inform, Inspire, Connect and Unite the Communities of Northern Taos County.

Misión: Es informar, inspirar, contactar, y unir a toda la comunidad del norte del condado de Taos.

Questa Del Rio News is an editorially independent local news source published by the Questa Economic Development Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works in the public interest to advance a diversified sustainable local economy.

The Questa Del Rio News shares this purpose as a separate program from QEDF.


The Society of Professional Journalists declares four principles as the foundation of ethical journalism and encourages their use in its practice by all people in all media. We have adopted these principles as our own:

•    Seek Truth and Report It.
•    Minimize Harm.
•    Act Independently.
•    Be Accountable and Transparent.


The Questa Del Rio News retains full authority over editorial content to protect our best journalistic and business interests. Acceptance of financial support does not constitute implied or actual endorsement of donors or their products, services, or opinions.

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