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August 2022

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• The paper provides service to all generations
• It is your valuable local community news source
• It is a forum for local issues, healthy debate, a voice for your ideas,
  and a catalyst for good
• You are supporting the local economy, and those who volunteer,
  produce, and distribute the paper
• To maintain coverage of our schools, local organizations, and businesses
• The paper provides local jobs, journalism experience,
  and hands-on paid internships
• The paper will remain FREE

Since launching your free, local newspaper in 2018, we have aimed to be a catalyst for good in celebration of the communities we serve in northern Taos County. We like to think of the Questa Del Rio News as community-supported media, in providing a forum for local voices: writers, photographers, and volunteers of every kind.

Our fiscal goal in this fund drive is to hire a full-time bilingual reporter, to pay our volunteer writers, and provide other financial support crucial to the continuation of your local paper. As a non-profit, we rely upon volunteer time and contributions, advertising, and your tax-deductible donations.


Yes, we are still going on about that—we can’t quite get over how lucky we are to live in this community and be so well supported by all of you. With your help, we have surpassed our goal of raising $10,000.
That ain’t chump change! 

Thanks to you, we are still here to see our
fourth birthday this month, woo hoo!

Paul Mooney, Katherine Brown & Lyle Auftermauer, Virsylvia Farm LLC, Bobby Fowler, Emily Wilde, Justin Friedman, Adelita Mead, Ellen Wood, Soul Restoration Arts, Jennifer Paris, Vicki Duncan, Frances Rollason, Graham & Carol Knight, Marjorie Cosgrove, Richard Grossman, Jeff Endicott, Summer Wood, Cerro Vista Farms, Louise Herrera, Kircher & Associates, Inc., Cathy Phelps , Carole Ann Kaplan, Vanette Harris, Chena M. Mesling, Lezlie Stroh, Juan Abeyta & Hilary Heyl, Ernesto J. Chavez, Judy & Ron Rutledge, Busy Bee Mechanical, Gordon Wesley, Benita Montoya, Reide & Carole Wyatt, Janie Corinne, Benita Muñiz, Lynn Skall, Malaquias Rael, Patricia Gallegos, Gayle Martinez, Living Word Ministries, Lou McCall & Peter Crider, Sharon Nicholson, Peggy Trigg, Connie Schevers, Carrie Leven, Pamela Edson, Lynne Iverson, Emilie Harris, Donna Mitchell-Moniak, Wind Spirits Tiles, Robert Hillery, Michael Nezi, Terry Sedal, Anita Valdez, Vivian Vallejos, Frederick & Judy Ann Hazen, Lynn Gitter, Terrence Carroll, Tim & Connie Long, Daniel Carmona, Angelo Domingo, Tim Donovan, Kathryn Demas, Peter Anderheggen, Chevron, Kit Carson Electric Co-op, LOR Foundation and of course, the New Mexico Local News Fund. 

If you wish to mail in your contribution,
please download and print this form, fill it in and include it with your check.
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When you click on link a PDF file will download into your download folder.
There is nothing that pops up to tell you this so please check your download folder before you think it did not work.

Questa Del Rio News is a monthly newspaper serving Northern Taos County and the Enchanted Circle. Distribution includes postal delivery to Questa, Red River, Cerro, Costilla, Amalia, Lama, and San Cristobal. It can be found at many locations around the Enchanted Circle and is available via free email subscription.

A project of the Questa Economic Development Fund, a 501(c)6 non-profit organization, we rely on your contributions, donations and advertising.

Thank you for supporting your local newspaper!