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July 2024

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Photo by E. Wilde, Questa Autumn

A Meeting for Questa Residents on New Trails in the Area

The Enchanted Circle Trails Association (ECTA) and the Questa Economic Development Fund (QEDF) held a public Meeting in Questa on January 24 to solicit feedback and input from Questa community members on proposed trails in the Largo Canyon area, near Moly Corp Field.

QEDF explained that a Trails Plus grant was received from the New Mexico Economic Development Department to draft conceptual plans for new trails that were identified in the Public Lands Solutions’ Questa Economic Outdoor Recreation Opportunity Report.

Approximately 40 citizens attended the meeting, including landowners, acequia parciantes, trail users, and reps from the USFS.

The public expressed concerns that new trails would bring in too many people, more Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) would “over run” the area, destroy Vegetation, and not be monitored.

Many were supportive of the proposed new trails and felt they should be developed for non-motorized use only, while existing OHV trails be kept separate, with all trails being maintained.

A subsequent public meeting will be held to continue the conversation and a separate meeting will be held to discuss proposed beginner rock climbing routes in Red River Canyon.

For more information, contact lynn@questaedf.com or leave a message at (575) 586-2149.