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December 2022

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Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Casting Outward: Book Review

In the world of today—200,000 years into human evolution and a couple centuries into the Industrial Age—few living beings can embody the concept of pristine Nature like native fish. We

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Mindful Birding

In case you didn’t notice, we’re in some hard times right now. This month’s article is about a way I’ve found to cope with increasing stress through combining mindful meditation

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Deep History at Wild Rivers

By Deborah Archuleta-Moreno There are many places in New Mexico that I have come to admire and appreciate, and one of the most enchanting places New Mexico has to offer

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Flu, Fires, and Food

It’s a tough season for birds. Avian flu and wildfires exacerbate already difficult conditions in drought-stricken habitats. At the time of this writing, there are no reported cases of bird

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Here Come Hummingbirds

As temperatures climb, expect to see more and more beautiful hummingbirds as they migrate north. Here are a few tips for feeding hummingbirds and how to attract more of them

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The Sandhill Crane Migration

On March 11, I took a trip to Monte Vista, Colorado to see the annual Sandhill Crane migration—they are mking their way northward to Canada and Alaska for their breeding

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A Questa Skatepark Proposed

With the guidance of adult mentors, a growing working group of Questa youth are leading an effort to create a skatepark in their village. This project will entail choosing a

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Bird is the Word: Imagining a Bird Economy

Our current economic system is focused on increasing profitability for private business, with some governmental intervention to protect the natural and human consequences of this pursuit.As I write, I am

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