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December 2023

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Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

The Importanceof Birds

When I began writing this column two years ago, I wanted to impart upon my neighbors in the greater Northern New Mexico area the importance

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The lovely Lewis’s woodpecker

Sporting shimmering green wings that stretch out to a 20-inch wingspan, a ruby-red face and a bright-pink chest, at first glance the Lewis’s Woodpecker almost

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Bird Flu Woes

By now we’ve all felt the effects of the latest Avian Influenza, or bird flu, pandemic. The cost of a dozen eggs has more than

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Snow Day

We got a good, old-fashioned snow dump last night, the kind that could put your car in a ditch if you got too distracted by

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Protecting Your Water and Forests

The Rio Grande Water Fund (RGWF) is celebrating eight years of forest restoration, and more. Forest management by the U.S. Forest Service has substantially increased

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Our Digital Conservation Future

Having finished the online New York Times crossword puzzle over morning coffee, retweeting some delicious burns on climate-change deniers, checking Facebook and Instagram, liking a

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Good News For Birds

To ring in the new year, I thought I’d catalog some of last year’s victories for bird conservation. While birds have been losing their numbers,

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Piñon Jays in Peril

A new visitor is curiously inspecting the bird feeder I’ve just filled. A grayish-blue cloak of feathers beneath a bright indigo cap, not without reason

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