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Christmas from the Students at Alta Vista Elementary and Intermediate School

Christmas Food!

By Aubrey Cisneros

It is believed that the forerunner of the Christmas Dinner was the midwinter feast enjoyed by our ancient ancestors. Feasts were held to celebrate the winter solstice, and archaeological digs have discovered that the most popular meats served were pork and beef.

The “traditional” dinner for Christmas is turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables.

The Tale of “The Elf on The Shelf”

By Aubrey Cisneros

The Elf on The Shelf tradition started in the early 2000s, specifically 2005. The Elf on The Shelf’s job is to encourage kids to behave themselves, watch over them, and tell Santa if they’re being bad! The rules for The Elf on The Shelf are:

  1. The kids cannot touch the Elf
  2. The Elf does not move or speak with the kids when they are awake
  3. The Elf reports back to Santa when the elves fly back to the North Pole to let Santa know how the kids behaved that day
  4. Be kind.

Christmas elves being a part of the Christmas tradition date as far back as the 1850s. Some pictures show elves surrounding Santa and putting presents under the Christmas Tree.

The Story of The Two Elves

By Aubrey Cisneros

One day there were two best friends who were eating lunch in the cafeteria of their school. Their names were Gracie and Aubrey. Aubrey was telling Gracie about a weird dream she had the night before. The dream started as a normal dream. The dream was about Gracie and Aubrey turning into elves.
The day goes on and they both forget about it. That night Gracie had a dream about the same elf Aubrey described at lunch talking to her. The elf said to Gracie “Tomorrow, St. Nicholas will give you a miracle.” The dream ends.

The second Gracie woke up she called Aubrey and told her about the dream. Aubrey was very doubtful that St. Nicholas himself would give you a miracle. They talked for a minute. Gracie said we should turn on our cameras. Aubrey agreed. They turned on their cameras. They were both met with a big surprise. “Aubrey…” Gracie said. “Gracie…” Aubrey said. “You’re an elf!” They both continued. They became known as “The Questa Elves.”


By Gracie Martinez

Christmas is a holiday that celebrates Jesus’s birthday. On Christmas we eat turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables. We also open presents and visit with our family. We also do a gift exchange, and when someone has passed away in our family, we decorate their graves. Sometimes we bake and cook for Christmas and Christmas eve.