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July 2024

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Photo by Jeans Pineda: From left: Scott Sutton draws up designs with Questa’s young SkatePark Advocates Carlos Ortega and Dominic Vallejos, at Questa’s Cisneros Youth Center.

Moving Ahead with the Questa Skate Park

Hello, everyone. We have been busy selling T-shirts and raffle tickets at the Questa Farmers Market every Sunday and we still need volunteers to help out. We set everything up at 9:30 a.m. and pack up at 2 p.m. It’s super easy, fun, and there is shade and bathrooms. Call me if you can help.

We appreciate everyone who is helping to sell raffle tickets. The drawing is Sept. 4 at the Farmers Market. We are raffling off three skateboards and three scooters. We had a skatepark design workshop last Sunday at the Youth Center with our advocate and landscape architect, Scott Sutton. Even though we only had a couple of teens show up it was very productive and informative.

Dominic Vallejos and Carlos Ortega have been to the new Red River Skatepark as well as several skateparks in New Mexico. They were able to collaborate with Sutton about what they think works and what doesn’t. A big thank you to Mark Gallegos at Monte Carlo for providing delicious pizza to us!
We also met with Mayor John Ortega and discussed different options and ideas for the skatepark. I am very grateful to Mayor Ortega for being so proactive and willing to help us as we move forward!

We also would like to thank Scott Sutton for supporting our youth and helping us with the design and drawings. Scott has a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of New Mexico and is a designer of ecological and urban landscapes, including playgrounds and community orchards. Sutton presented a design proposal to the Questa Village Council on July 26.

Special thanks, especially, to Dominic and Carlos for showing up to support their skatepark project; we need their input and their insight more than they know. We will not be having another design workshop.
I received the most amazing phone call from Lisa O’Brien of the Taos Community Foundation! She heard about our efforts to create a skatepark and is jumping on board to help us unite the entities to apply for grants. TCF will help us fund a design that will be used to apply for additional grants. Thank you, Lisa, and the Taos Community Foundation!

I am so excited and happy that we have so many people coming forward to help us climb this massive mountain! It’s a dream for our community, our kids, and we can make it happen with all these wonderful people helping out! Our kids really deserve this and it is worth all the effort it takes.

Keep selling those raffle tickets! Let me know when you are ready to turn in the entries and the money that you have collected. Please feel free to call me at (575) 635-2934 anytime if you have questions or ideas regarding the Skatepark or if you would like to volunteer. Again, my deepest appreciation to all of you.