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Staff Photo: Jim Vaughn of Northern New Mexico Friends of Animals makes a house call to give Kobe a free microchip.

Northern New Mexico Friends of Animals, Free Micro-Chipping for Dogs and Cats!

We recently decided to get a microchip for our dog, Kobe. We moved to a new neighborhood and were concerned that our dog might get lost. I saw a notice on a bulletin board for free chipping and called the number. It was so quick and easy and the folks at Northern New Mexico Friends of Animals are so nice, I decided to spread the word!

To get a microchip for your dog or cat, all you do is call Jim Vaughn at (575) 779-5543 and set up a time and he will come to you. Your pet will make a fast friend in Jim; Kobe loved him! The organization deserves its name because they are truly friends of animals. Jim has that same ability that veterinarians have—you know how animals just feel safe and comfortable in the hands of most vets? Jim is the same way. You can tell that he loves animals and animals love him.

We filled out a quick form with our phone number, contact email and address so that NNMFOA can register the chip. Each chip is assigned a number and Jim gave us stickers with a bar code and a number on them so we can put them in our records or give them to our vet. Then Jim installed the chip, which is about the size of a grain of rice. The process took less than a minute and our dog didn’t feel a thing. Now, if he gets lost, animal control or animal shelters, veterinarians or NNMFOA can scan the chip for the number to track down the owner and contact them. Kobe now has a heart-shaped Smart-Tag to go on his collar that indicates that he is well-loved and cared for because someone got him chipped.

Any microchip is only as good as the information that is registered on file. NNMFOA registers the chip for the pet, to make sure the information gets into the database. If the owner changes their phone number or email address, it is important to update the contact information. The owners can go to their microchip website to update the contact information. The chip will last for the pet’s lifetime.

Jim has stories to tell about people being reunited with their dogs and the miracle of microchips. It is not uncommon for tourists to come here and lose their dogs. Sometimes they have already gone home before the dog is found and they then have to make a special trip back to get their pet. Owners and dogs are always so happy to be reunited.