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Coutesy Photo From left to right: Councilor Louise Gallegos, Councilor Jason Gonzales, Mayor John Ortega, Councilor Kristina Gonzalez, and Councilor Brent Jaramillo.

QEDF seeks $25,000 to help local entrepreneurs

The Questa Economic Development Fund (QEDF) is seeking $25,000 from the New Mexico Economic Development Department’s Local Economic Assistance & Development Support (LEADS) program.
“We are proposing a business center incubator be set up at the [Questa Public Library],” said QEDF Director Lynn Skall at the May 9 Village of Questa (VOQ) Council meeting.

The QEDF hopes to use this grant funding to help young adults with entrepreneurial ventures and setting up this business center at the library requires cooperation with the village. The proposed business center would offer year-round training, business mentoring, and consulting to young adults trying to start businesses. Initial purchases with the funding would be two desktop computers, a smart board, and a multi-functional copy machine for local entrepreneurs and business owners to copy and scan materials for basic business functions.

QEDF Director Skall has drafted their application for the grant but wanted to receive input from the Village Council before finalizing and submitting. Skall has already spoken with Sharon Nicholson at the library as well as Margaret with Friends of the Library, an

d noted both the library and its Friends are in support of the proposal.
“Personally, I love the idea,” said Councilor Louise Gallegos. “I think it’s . . . something that our community does need. I’ve always thought . . . about opening up like a UPS store to be able to do all of what you’re saying with the business incubator.”

“I also think that this is a wonderful idea,” said Councilor Kristina Gonzalez. “I especially love the idea of jobs being created in our community.”

Councilor Brent Jaramillo asked Skall about finding local volunteers for the proposed business incubator. The QEDF is also continuing to work with Dan Hobbs of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union in efforts to organize local farmers. Hobbs will be meeting with the QEDF again on June 7.

Skall also asked Council about progress on the La Cienega project in Questa regarding a day-care center and a collaboration with Inspire Bilingual Early Learning Center in Taos.

“Yes, they’re moving forward with one of the buildings down there,” Mayor John Ortega responded. “We’re still working on that, it’s moving forward.”

The QEDF has also ordered a handicap-access Port-o-Potty for 24/7 access at the Questa Visitor Center (QVC), just in time for the start of the Questa Farmers Market (QFM) on May 28. The Port-o-Potty will be serviced weekly. There is also collaboration between the QEDF and the QFM to create a plan for more effectively managing parking spaces at the QVC.

Skall also was proud to announce that Questa is going to be featured as a destination at the New Mexico United soccer game on August 12 courtesy of New Mexico True.