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Left: Catherine Roth Right: Marty Michael

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Snippet: Catherine Roth and Marty Michael Win NorthStar’s May Puzzle Contest

By ELLEN WOOD, Ad Agency for NorthStar Tire & Auto

NorthStar’s puzzle campaign began in January, and May was the final puzzle ad. Two winners were drawn from among the entries for NorthStar Tire & Auto’s May puzzle contest: Marty Michael and Catherine Roth. Each received a gift certificate for a free oil change.

“Numerous customers and people new to NorthStar enjoyed participating in the puzzle contests, and it was great to have some fun,” said General Manager Malaquias “JR” Rael. Previous months’ winners of an oil change include Jim Arciniega, Casilda Lovato, Sharon Pacheco, Christina Hendrix, Juan and Donna Baca, Jeannie Masters, Benita Muniz, and Mary Jo Kelly.