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Village of Questa Reminds Residents to Opt-In to TextMyGov Alerts

If you are a utility customer and live within the Village of Questa limits, you may have received a text message in February inviting you to opt-in to the Village’s new notification system.

TextMyGov is a state-of-the-art notification system that municipalities are utilizing throughout the U.S. in an effort to communicate openly, effectively, and in timely way with their residents to maintain a high level of transparency.

If you didn’t receive a text, it is not too late to participate in the Village of Questa’s text notification system. All you have to do is text VOQALERTS to 91896. When you get an automated text, reply with YES. This will opt you into the system.

By opting-in to the text alert system you will be notified of utility outages and interruptions, road closures and construction, village events, and beneficial announcements.

The Village of Questa says they will begin utilizing the alerts more as weather starts to warm and construction projects commence. These alerts will give you advance warning on which roads to avoid when these projects are happening.

While opting out of these alerts is discouraged, you can easily opt out if you move or are no longer interested in receiving the alerts by texting STOP to 91896.

Any questions about the system or the alerts can be directed to the Village of Questa’s Public Information Officer Jacob LaFore at (575) 586-0694 or by email at jlafore@villageofquesta.org.