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A Big Heart

Do you have “a big heart?” What does it mean when we say someone has a big heart? Someone with a big heart is kind and quick to help others.

Can you think of anyone with a big heart? The library staff knows several people with big hearts. Some of them we call “volunteers!” They come in to help us keep the library tidy by shelving books, dusting our collection, tending our indoor plants, and helping with our programs. Some volunteers are always willing to provide refreshments for special adult and children’s events.

There are also big-hearted volunteer supporters who help us achieve our financial goals. The Friends of the Questa Public Library recently won a $56,000 grant to create a memorial garden on the east side of the building. Included in this grant is exploring the idea of constructing a walking path from Questa High school to the library. A library supporter with a big heart donated money to expand the patio, a project we completed last summer that is the beginning of our garden.

Hopefully, by now you have thought of many more big-hearted people. The folks at the food pantry, your favorite teacher, and the nurse who took care of you at the hospital could be a few. Perhaps your mom, sister, or grandpa. Treasure them, and always say “thank you.”