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October 2021

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Health & Wellness

LIVE LAUGH LOVE: October2021

If there’s no cancer in your family, should you get a mammogram? “Just a waste of my time,” I remember thinking while waiting my turn for a mammogram at the

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BODY MIND SPIRIT: September 2021

I Remember I remember my younger years and see themfrom quite a distance now.I remember laughing till my sides hurt.I remember riding our old farm horse and fallingoff because my

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Positive Thoughts: September 2021

QUESTA DEL RIO NEWS would like to thank Donna Mitchell-Moniak, for her tireless service to our newspaper community. This September edition of POSITIVE THOUGHTS will be Donna’s last article for

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The Lions Club: Recycling Eyeglasses

Reprinted with permission from Helping someone see better is easy! Did you know that you can make a positive change in someone’s life by donating your old eyeglasses? Lions

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LIVE LAUGH LOVE: September 2021

We are NOT pre-programmed to deteriorate as we age Science is now revealing new, exciting details about our bodies and our minds—about how our bodies change and why. Scientists and

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Positive Thoughts: August 2021

Many cultural changes have happened in the US and the world during my 65 years of life. As my birthday came around in July, inspired by something a friend said,

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“Oops. I’m having a senior moment.” I hear it all the time. A friend is telling me something, and before she finishes, there’s a pause. She might clear her throat

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Positive Thoughts: July 2021

Six of us gathered to meditate for a week. Our focus was the direct experience of our essential inner essence. But the first experience we had was hugs made possible

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COMMEN SENSE My memories of the 4th of July while living at my grandparent’s farm are of sitting on the back porch watching the younger children running, shouting and giggling

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My Dad and Muhammad Ali It’s June! On the 20th, we honor our fathers. (Hopefully, we do that other days as well.) June 3rd this year marks the 5th anniversary

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OUR CONDITIONED WORLD We live in these bodies looking out through our eyes at the world surrounding us. In that seeing, we assess and assign labels that define what we

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