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December 2022

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Sustainable Living

KCEC Awarded $800K for EV Charging Stations

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) has selected Kit Carson Electric Cooperative’s proposed EV (electric vehicle) projects to receive $800,000 in grant funds appropriated by the American Rescue Plan

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Taos EV Expo Showcases Renewable Energy

Renewable Taos’ fifth Electric Vehicle Expo, held Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Taos Public Library showcased a variety of electric vehicles from its proud members, including Ford, Chevrolet, Kia, Hyundai,

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You Can’t Take it with You

When actor Kirk Douglas passed away at age 103 [in 2020], he left more than a legacy of incredible films behind him. He also donated his entire fortune to charity.

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Weird & Wild Water Facts

Science and History of that Life-giving Liquid There are more molecules in one cup of water (0.237 liters) than there are stars in the Milky Way (≈8.36 x 1024 water

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Chevron Disputed Water Rights Transfers

UPDATE FROM CHRISTIAN ISELY, CHEVRON’S PUBLIC AFFAIRS ADVISOR The former Questa Mine’s water rights have been in the news this year. We’ve reported on this story as have other media

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Beavers Do it Better.

You’ve heard about the Slow Food movement, and even Slow Flowers, but what about Slow Water?It could hold the key to combating soil erosion and polluted waterways, as well as

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Electric Vehicle Charging in Questa

As gas prices increase and continue to fluctuate erratically, more people are swapping out their gas guzzlers for electric vehicles. Thanks to Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (KCEC), residents and visitors

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Plastic Pick-Up Solar Barges

Every year, two million tons of plastic flow into the ocean from polluted rivers, damaging the environment and threatening marine life and economies around the world. But what if you

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Monarch Butterflies Now On Endangered List

The migratory monarch butterfly is the newest member of the endangered species list. Dwindling numbers accelerated by climate change, overdevelopment and pesticide use bring the iconic insect closer to extinction.

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Free Apartments

Former Travel Channel host Rick Steves has toured the world on planes, trains, and automobiles, building a name—and a small fortune—for himself. But it did not always come easily. Often

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Forest Farming

Conventional agriculture, intended to feed the world, can also create soil erosion, poison the ecosystem, and deplete soils at an alarming rate: ultimately threatening our ability to produce food for

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