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Photo by Jessica Trujillo Marcello and great grand daughter walking together, 2022

A Father’s Advice For Father’s Day

Father and grandfather Marcello Vialpando Sr. was born and raised in Questa, New Mexico. As a young adult, he moved to Denver, Colorado, where he met Rachel, the love of his life. Together, they raised eight children during their 67 years of marriage. Rachel passed away in December 2019, but Marcello still carries his love of her forward to this day.

Today, the Vialpando family has grown to over 120 members, all of whom Marcello and Rachel had the joy of seeing and loving.

We spoke with him about the fatherly advice he would share with our readers for Father’s Day and some of the most rewarding parts of fatherhood.

Marcello shared that the most rewarding part of his being a dad was watching his seven daughters and only son grow into responsible adults with families of their own. He proudly says, “It is even more rewarding to see that my daughters’ and son’s children are growing up.”

Today, Marcello is a grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather. His joy continues as he sees his grandchildren start their own families and witness his great-grandchildren graduate. Reflecting on the past, he recalls his most important hope was to see his children graduate from high school, which they did. He smiles proudly and says, “Look at them today.”

“I’m seeing my girls having their kids grow up and my grandkids having their own kids. That’s more than rewarding; I never thought it would be this way. My main focus was for my immediate family to graduate high school, and now I am so surprised and blessed by how everything is today,” he says.

As he continues to reflect, Marcello confidently states that he doesn’t think being a dad is difficult. He believes that “if your family respects you, that’s more than you need to be a happy father and grandfather.” Marcello has no regrets about being a dad because he feels he has received more than any man could deserve.

He advises young fathers, “Always remember that your family is more than likely going to repeat your ways and your knowledge that you give to them, and when their time comes to be fathers and grandfathers hopefully you have taught them well.”

Marcello learned to be a father from his parents’ advice, but more importantly, from his wife, who managed the family and home while he worked to support them financially.

Marcello leaves us with these thoughtful words: “Fathers, try your utmost best to teach your family to respect each other and respect other people. Listen to your family’s concerns: you never know what you might learn. Always know where your children are and what they’re doing as they grow up; that’s the only way you will keep your family close and ensure they stay together. Lastly, make time for your family and listen to them at all times, praying that they will continue this and keep their families together as well.”