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Courtesy Photo Pauline Ortega

A Mother’s Advice For Mother’s Day

Beloved mother and grandmother Pauline Ortega was born in Denver, Colorado. She was raised in Cerro and moved to Questa after she married Jake Ortega, who she has been married to for 60 years.
Together, they have four sons: Jake Jr., Mark, Robert, and Victor, as well as 10 grandchildren, all of whom she loves dearly.

We spoke with her about what motherly advice she would give to our readers for Mother’s Day.
“We were very fortunate to have raised our boys in Questa. They were involved in sports, and after high school they pursued their dreams. I think it’s a great thing for kids to be involved because it keeps them from getting in trouble or getting involved with the wrong crowd,” she says.

Raising her sons, Pauline says she and her husband were committed to teaching them obedience and respect—most especially for their elders, grandparents, and teachers. Ensuring they knew the difference between right and wrong were big priorities for Pauline and Jake.

“My son Robbie jokes that he still remembers when we’d be in church and I’d pinch him if my boys were misbehaving,” she says as she giggles. Most times, she said all it took was a stern look at her boys for them to know they had to behave.

When her sons were small, Pauline didn’t work and this was a privilege she recognizes is no longer possible for most parents. “I was blessed, but with the changing times, it’s not possible to live on one income, so both parents have to work to get by. I would say that’s why quality time with your children is so important. It can be as simple as coloring or watching a movie with them, just giving them your undivided attention so they know they’re loved—that really matters.”

Pauline also says her husband Jake was committed to teaching her sons about the outdoors and they were often fishing, hunting, or camping. “Teaching them these lessons and values was also something we felt was important for our boys and they still very much take part in it to this day.”

Ultimately, Pauline says she would tell our readers, “Do your best. There is no guide to parenting children but ensuring you instill values of respect in them while ensuring they know you are present and care—these are things that are going to help your children grow up and thrive.”