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Amalia senior center closed, unclear when reopening

Posted on the front of the building for the Amalia Senior Center are multiple public notices from New Mexico’s Environment Department informing the public about a “violation” in the water system below the facility.

While all senior centers in Taos County are currently shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic offering only limited food “grab and go” (SHARE new mexico, Taos County Senior Services, ) services, the Amalia Senior Center seems to be experiencing another host of issues relating to its physical infrastructure.

The public notices on the front of the Senior Center’s building date its issues with its water system as far back as 2019, prior to the recent coronavirus pandemic. Documents from the New Mexico Legislature’s official website describe the issues in more detail.

“With current funding received, the Amalia Senior Center is in the process of repairing the foundation that is sinking and is cracking the outside and interior walls which are breaking the windows due to constant movement; with funding requested during the ICIP 5-year period we will be looking at paving the Senior Center Parking Lot to comply with ADA requirements (New Mexico, Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan FY 2022-2026, NM Dept. of Finance & Administration, page 40).”

The funding for the Amalia Senior Center mentioned above was approved by the 55th NM Legislature during the 2022 regular session in the form of House Bill 153, sponsored by NM Rep. Christine Chandler (District 43). A total of $1.45 million was earmarked by the Legislature.

The Questa del Rio News has reached out to the project manager for the Amalia Senior Center ICIP, Mike Trujillo, Taos County Commissioner Miguel Romero, and Taos County Community Services’ Sharon Borges to inquire about the status of the repairs to the Senior Center with no success.

The Questa del Rio News also reached out to the Amalia Neighborhood Association, they explained to us that “the soil was not properly tested before they put [the building] in that exact location and it has moved, therefore, the foundation cracked” which is consistent with the description in the ICIP documents
This story is ongoing.