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Attempted Child Abduction Reported In Questa

A possible attempted child abduction reportedly happened in Questa on Thursday, May 9. Two elementary school-age children got off the school bus at their usual stop near the Casitas, approximately half a mile from Alta Vista Elementary School.

According to one of the children’s mothers, when the children exited the bus, they observed a white male in his mid-30s in an older gold color Chevy truck parked nearby. The children observed a white dog in the back seat.

As the children left the bus, the man stared at them, then told them to get into his truck so he could drive them home. Both children refused and the man sped off south on Hwy 522. The mother notified the police and the school district.

“It’s terrifying. My daughter called me crying when this happened. Questa used to be a place where we all knew one another, we knew our cousins and extended family. It’s not like that anymore and it’s hard to believe this kind of stuff can happen in our small community,” one girl’s mother says.

We reached out to the Village of Questa Police Department to get more information on this incident, they are looking into this incident.

This incident underscores the importance of teaching children about stranger danger. Encourage your children not to leave with or get into the vehicles of people they don’t know. If you observe anyone trying to lure children away in a vehicle, call 911 and take photos of the potential suspect and their vehicle license plate.

This report intentionally leaves out identities of the two girls as they are minors.