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Attend Questa̕s 20th Annual VeteransHealing Field Celebration

For those of you who may not know or realize what the Veterans Healing Field of Honor is and why we put it up every year, I will try and explain what it is and why it is so important to us. I believe the meaning is worth repeating and reminding people.

Back in 2003, then-Mayor Charlie Gonzales and Administrator Brent Jaramillo were attending a conference in Indiana. At this conference, there was a non-profit company from Sandy, Utah called Colonial Flag, and they made a presentation about a field of flags that they had started to honor the fallen officers and firemen who had lost their lives in the 911 attack. This “Healing Field” of flags has been adopted into many different types of “healing fields.”

The Mayor and Council at that time felt that it would be a great way for the Village of Questa to honor veterans from our community (community meaning Questa, Cerro, Costilla, Amalia, Lama, and San Cristobal) who served in the seven different conflicts that the U. S. has participated in.
Then the decision came to include all who are currently serving as well, because at that time our local 1115th National Guard transportation unit was being deployed to Iraq for the first time. The Mayor and Council wanted to honor them in a special way, so they decided on flying 1,000 flags. Another decision was made to have our ceremony on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at 1 p.m. instead of Monday, the customary time that military groups have their ceremonies—this way more people would be able to attend our event.

This breathtaking event requires many hands to make this field a reality every year and the committee is dependent upon volunteers. Volunteers are the heart and soul of this event because they put so much of their hearts, time, and talent into what they do year after year. Without them, this annual event would die out. Thank you to all volunteers!!

We are very fortunate that Entact has taken on the role of putting up and taking down the flags and donating the use of the lights at night. We are also fortunate that Questa Public Works Director for the Village John Rael, has taken on the role of watering the field and getting it prepped for the big event. Let us not forget Debbie Rael who has so generously donated the use of her field every year. Can’t forget the Questa Fire Department and Questa Police Department for their assistance and presence at the ceremony. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes planning and execution of this enormous event!

I thank the Village of Questa staff and employees for their hard work year after year. This is such a spectacular event and the feeling you come away with as a volunteer just can’t be explained. Please remember we always need volunteers! Contact the Village Office to volunteer your time and/or talent.
We also ask for monetary sponsorships because without them, we would not have the monetary resources needed to host such an event. There are many costs associated with an event of this size. Replacing the flags alone can be very costly. Some years when the winds are high, we are replacing as many as 150 or 200 of the flags, at a cost of $25 each.

In closing, I would just like to say if you feel the need to get involved to honor those who have served our country and preserved our freedoms and/or are currently serving, please contact the Village of Questa at (575) 586-0694.

Thank you for your time and attention. May God bless you and your families, and God bless America.