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“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.”

—Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

This month, Saturn—its rings and its moons—will be the most visible of the year, so it’s a good time to discuss this heavy planet’s meaning in our lives. Saturn is about the shouldering of responsibility, consciously and willingly for ourselves, as well as on behalf of humanity. It involves hard work and a steady trudging up the mountainside. Because it rules long term karma and initiation, it can be about suffering and feeling the heavy burden of past lives. But this month, Saturn is retrograde, the most spiritual expression of any planet. As it seems to move backward, the burdens lighten, suffering lessens, and the acute side of chronicity shifts to pleasant surprises, like a rainfall in the desert. We can take a deep breath and enjoy the view from our uphill climb.

Saturn was in its own sign of Capricorn in January of 2020 and all through last year. When a planet is in its own sign, it’s stronger. Saturn is now in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of humanity and the sign of the age into which we are transitioning. Saturn will remain in this sign until March of 2023. The past year and a half have been about testing us all, literally forcing us to come up with phrases like, “We’re in this together!” Perhaps next time, we can consciously and willingly choose to shoulder our burdens, refuse to shift them elsewhere, and take responsibility for our fellow humans and our Mother planet without needing the 2 x 4 of a Saturn alongside the head.

Everyone: Both Saturn and Jupiter are the closest to Earth they get all year. August 2 for Saturn and August 19 for Jupiter. Dust off the telescopes.

ARIES Planet: Mercury MARCH 20 – APRIL 19
Dynamic: Thoughts of love shift to thoughts of hard work this month.
Direction: One does not have to preclude the other.
Soul Thought: Do they?

TAURUS Planet: Vulcan APRIL 19 – MAY 20
Dynamic: Resources are strong this month.
Direction: Build up the energy during the first half, then direct it during the second half of the month.
Soul Thought: Metal forged in fire.

GEMINI Planet: Venus MAY 20 – July 20
Dynamic: Your hard work pays off this month.
Direction: You can create a lasting partnership.
Soul Thought: Who or what is the highest partner?

CANCER Planet: Neptune July 20 – JULY 22
Dynamic: Clarity is still paramount and challenges non-existent.
Direction: Take the opportunity to shift.
Soul Thought: “For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face.” —Corinthians 1 13:12

LEO Planet: Sun JULY 22 – AUG 22
Dynamic: The thought of turning love into marriage may occur.
Direction: Are you up to the challenge?
Soul Thought: Define marriage. Define love.

VIRGO Planet: Moon AUG 22 – SEPT 22
Dynamic: The Sun reigns supreme the first half of the month, but then it’s your turn.
Direction: To shine!
Soul Thought: The New Moon is a period for seeding for the month to come. Therefore, it’s your turn every month.

LIBRA Planet: Uranus SEPT 22 – OCT 22
Dynamic: You are still challenging old Father Time.
Direction: Go for it!
Soul Thought: What is time in many lives lived?

SCORPIO Planet: Mars OCT 22 – NOV 21
Dynamic: Even though you feel a bit isolated, the idea of partnership beckons.
Direction: An idea that could manifest.
Soul Thought: When far out becomes tangible.

SAGITTARIUS Planet: Earth NOV 21 – DEC 20
Dynamic: It’s that well known shift from thoughtform to diving in.
Direction: From the greatest heights to the greatest depths can feel like a plunge.
Soul Thought: The leap of faith.

CAPRICORN Planet: Saturn DEC 20 – JAN 19
Dynamic: That on-again, off-again problem just hovers this month.
Direction: Take advantage!
Soul Thought: The light between the cracks.

AQUARIUS Planet: Jupiter JAN 19 – FEB 18
Dynamic: You may have difficulty in your group.
Direction: It’s okay to row your own boat sometimes.
Soul Thought: Time to build strength and stamina to have more to offer when back with a group.

PISCES Planet: Pluto FEB 18 – MAR 20
Dynamic: A good month for accomplishing what
you set out to do.
Direction: Unless you get cold feet…
Soul Thought: What is the secret of success?


  • Charlene R, Johnson

    Charlene R Johnson is a graduate of Claregate College, a metaphysical college in England and studied directly under teacher Dr. Douglas Baker. She offers oral readings, written reports and teaches classes in both esoteric astrology and esoteric psychology. These classes are for beginners who know nothing of astrology. Use of the glyphs in your chart are considered a form of dialogue with your Soul and a necessary tool in your spiritual toolbox. A former Taos County resident she now lives in central Florida on 6.5 acres on a beautiful lake. This property has recently been dubbed SkyDance Sanctuary and will be the site of classes and special events.

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