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May 2024

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Bryce Flanagan

Bryce Flanagan moved from Sacramento, CA to Taos County in 2016, and has lived in Questa for two years. He's passionate about the unique and beautiful wildlife of our state and is a regular contributor to the Questa Del Rio News.
Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Spring Migration

As the snow melts and flowers bloom, this season is an excellent time to see birds making their way through New Mexico on their migratory

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Conservation Wins and a Surging Bird Flu

In a major win for conservationists, the U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C. ruled against the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association and upheld the endangered

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

The Spotless Black-Capped Chickadee

They are the most fearless visitor my bird feeders receive. When other birds fly away in a flock, the humble black-capped chickadee remains, hopping about

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Rock Doves Rock: In Defense Of Pigeons

Pigeons get a bad rap, and not without good reason. They can spread disease through their droppings, they crowd birdfeeders to bully away smaller species,

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Piñon Jays In Peril

A new visitor is curiously inspecting the bird feeder I’ve just filled. A grayish-blue cloak of feathers beneath a bright indigo cap: it’s not without

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Bald Eagles and the Case For Conservation

The Bald Eagle became the national bird of the United States on June 20, replacing the white eagle that previously adorned the national emblem with

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Robins, an American Icon

For centuries, from coast to coast, in cities and suburbs, fields and forests, the American Robin has established nests in every contiguous state and filled

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Consequences Of Factory Farming

Full disclosure: I eat chicken. Perhaps it’s hypocritical of me to do so, given my monthly exaltation of birds, but chicken is nutritious, easily accessible,

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

The Importanceof Birds

When I began writing this column two years ago, I wanted to impart upon my neighbors in the greater Northern New Mexico area the importance

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

The lovely Lewis’s woodpecker

Sporting shimmering green wings that stretch out to a 20-inch wingspan, a ruby-red face and a bright-pink chest, at first glance the Lewis’s Woodpecker almost

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Starlings: Sparkling, Unwelcome Visitors

They’re certainly eye-catching, to say the least: shimmering brown feathers topped with a lemon-colored beak, starlings are very easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, they’re very

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Bird Flu Woes

By now we’ve all felt the effects of the latest Avian Influenza, or bird flu, pandemic. The cost of a dozen eggs has more than

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Turkey Vultures: Environmentally Essential

You’ve seen them circling around in the skies or picking apart a carcass on your commute — black wings that block out all light, with

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Good News For Birds

To ring in the new year, I thought I’d catalog some of last year’s victories for bird conservation. While birds have been losing their numbers,

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Piñon Jays in Peril

A new visitor is curiously inspecting the bird feeder I’ve just filled. A grayish-blue cloak of feathers beneath a bright indigo cap, not without reason

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Be on the Lookout for Bird Flu

A new outbreak of avian flu was first reported in the U.S. in January 2022. By October close to 50-million birds have been affected by

Fishing, Wildlife & Recreation

Agua es Vida Para Aves

This year’s monsoons were a welcome reprieve from the dry conditions of previous years to both human and avian kind. New Mexico has been in