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June 2024

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Deer behind the Red River Conference Center

Big R Stores Invest in Red River Conference Center

The Town of Red River announced it has received a donation from Big R Stores to purchase new basketball equipment for the Red River Conference Center. The Town of Red River says this donation will help their aim to support the enhancement of sports equipment and provide improved recreational opportunities for local residents and visitors during the winter season.

“We believe in investing in the communities we serve and supporting initiatives that improve the quality of life for our customers,” says Director of Marketing and E-Commerce Christine Pittman. “By donating funds for new basketballs, we are proud to contribute to the ongoing development of the Red River Conference Center and its role in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for the community.”

According to town officials, the Red River Conference Center has always been dedicated to providing free access to sports facilities for the community. Recognizing the need to upgrade the sports equipment and further enhance the athletic experience, the town sought support from Big R Stores, which will help ensure that the facility can cater to the needs and aspirations of the local residents and visitors alike.
The town hopes that the upgraded sports equipment will enable individuals of all ages to engage in recreational basketball games, fostering a sense of community and promoting physical fitness during the winter months.

“Our commitment to corporate social responsibility extends beyond our business operations, and we are thrilled to be able to give back to the community in a meaningful way,” explains Pittman. “We hope that this contribution will inspire other businesses and individuals to support the development and maintenance of local recreational facilities.”

The management at the Red River Conference Center expressed their gratitude for the generous donation from Big R Stores. “We are extremely grateful for Big R Stores̕ support,” shared Max Khudiakov, Director of Economic Development and Tourism for the Town of Red River. “Their contribution will make a significant difference in upgrading our sports equipment and enhancing the overall experience for individuals utilizing our facilities.”