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June 2024

Questa  •  Red River  •  Cerro  •  Costilla  •  Amalia  •  Lama  •  San Cristobal

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Photos by Peggy Trigg

Calling all Local Artists: Library Display Opportunities

Would you like your artwork to be on display at the Questa Public Library? We are always looking for art to be part of the “Local Questa Artists” shows or quilts and textiles in the textile displays. If you are interested, please leave your name and contact information with the librarian and we will be in touch when the next show comes around!


  • Peggy Trigg

    Questa Creative Council Board member and artist: I paint the Southwest because I love the land! Being raised in the country, I have a strong tie to it. It’s a sense of deep emotions, of memory, and of history. While I am painting, I try to capture the feeling of the place, what is all around me: the smells, what I hear, and what I see – a complete picture. My abstracts represent “My Other Side.” I play with emotions through color, shapes, and energy to make playful compositions.

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