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November 2021

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Bird is the Word

Bird is the Word: November 2021

In Memoriam: The Lord God Bird, an American Symbol On September 29, the US Fish and Wildlife Service declared 23 species as officially extinct. Eleven species of birds were among

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Bird is the Word: October 2021

HOW A WARMING CLIMATE IS AFFECTING BIRDS IN NEW MEXICO I had the opportunity to speak with University of New Mexico ornithologist Ethan Linck and his colleague Ryan Terrill last

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Bird is the Word: SEPTEMBER 2021

Evening Grosbeaks Evening Grosbeaks make their home around northern and middle New Mexico, mostly following the distribution of budworms, a needle-eating insect and preferred snack for Grosbeaks during summer. The

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Bird is the Word: AUGUST 2021

The Great New Mexico Bird die-Off: One Year Later Last year thousands of migratory birds died across the state in August and September for reasons that were at first unexplained.

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Bird Is The Word: JULY 2021

Declining Bird Populations In 1970, the bird population of the United States was around 10 billion. Today there are 7 billion, and each year we lose between 500 million to

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Bird is the Word: JUNE 2021

By BRYCE FLANAGAN As spring turns to summer, we will see more and more hummingbirds visiting outdoor feeders as they migrate north. These tiny, shimmering beauties aren’t just natural wonders,

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