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May 2022

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Dudes and Dogs

Modern times bring their fair share of stress, anxiety, and melancholy. While depression affects both men and women, men are four times more likely to take their own lives because

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Working Smarter, Not Harder

“Karoshi” is a Japanese term that means “death by overwork.” And their culture is not alone in pushing its employees too hard in the workplace. Now a shrinking workforce is

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Progressive Portugal

In the quest to shift away from fossil fuels in favor of cleaner, environmentally friendly power, Portugal hit a milestone when the country utilized 100% renewable electricity for four straight

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Kid of the Year

Recognizing rising leaders of the next generation, Time magazine has named a young female scientist from Lone Tree, Colorado, as its very first “Kid of the Year.” Gitanjali Rao was

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Fostering Hope

Over three million dogs enter US animal shelters every year, and one fourth of them are euthanized. A Biloxi, Mississippi business is reducing these stats by increasing adoptions in a

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The Edible Solution

In the developing world, food security is often fragile or non-existent and many children die from hunger and malnutrition. Tasmanian agriculture scientist Bruce French is intending to change this tragedy

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Talk to the Hands

Over 30 million people use sign language to communicate, but only a fraction of the world’s population can understand them—until now. Kenyan inventor Roy Allela has designed a pair of

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Houses of Hemp

In the US alone, the construction of buildings accounts for 38% of carbon emissions, fueling a demand for carbon-neutral and zero-footprint alternatives. Now, innovative builders have found a modern solution

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Street Vet

By Mandy Stapleford It’s often overlooked that people who become homeless are not likely to be able to care for their pets properly. Disturbed by this issue and the rising

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A Solar Road Trip

Recreational vehicles cost big bucks and are often big gas guzzlers. Can you even imagine traveling across the country in an RV, without regularly fueling up at gas stations? Well,

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Torrents of water flow beneath cities all over the world, creating pressure in their pipelines which must be vented. Lucid Energy in Portland, Oregon, has found a way to harness

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