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May 2022

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Michael’s Movie Moments

May Movie Review: West Side Story

In 1957, Jerome Robbins (concept and choreography), Stephen Sondheim (lyrics), Leonard Bernstein (music), and Arthur Laurents (book) collaborated to develop Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet story in a decidedly American way.

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March Movie Review: The Midnight Sky

Maybe I’m in a cranky mood, but I’m upset about the critical and popular response to this movie—both critics and audiences got this movie wrong. Even though it ranked just

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January Movie Review: Greyhound

Greyhound is a surprisingly good movie, and is definitely worth viewing. Given its rather poor ratings among both audiences and critics (ranking in the bottom third of this year’s Oscar-nominated

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November Movie Review: Sound of Metal

This film is classified (I think incorrectly) in the music genre. The story isn’t about heavy metal music, but about one person, already severely ravaged by years of drug addiction

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October Movie Review: Mank

Herman Mankiewicz was the Oscar-winning writer of the screenplay for Citizen Kane, widely considered the best movie ever made. Originally a New York newspaperman, he moved across the country in

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August Movie Review: Minari

“Beautiful, tender, nuanced, lovely, gentle, modest.” These are words critics use to describe Minari. It had an impressive showing at the Oscars, with six nominations, including Best Picture. Audience reaction

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July Movie Review: Soul

Demographers estimate more than 108 billion human beings have inhabited the earth since we became something recognizable as human. That number (actually the number 108,210,121,415) figures largely in this movie,

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