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January 2023

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Trout Unlimited

Our Digital Conservation Future

Having finished the online New York Times crossword puzzle over morning coffee, retweeting some delicious burns on climate-change deniers, checking Facebook and Instagram, liking a picture of a cutthroat trout,

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It’s that time of year again.

Read that sentence out loud and close your eyes. What images come to mind? The fat guy in the red suit? Candy canes and biscochitos, a steaming bowl of posole

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Acequias and Cattle

In New Mexico, it’s practically illegal to dislike acequias. They take us back to a time when things weren’t so complicated, when you knew your neighbors by name and even

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Rio Costilla Beavers: Friend and Foe

Rio Costilla Beavers: Friend and FoeThe Rio Costilla has certainly had its share of water troubles in the past. Disputes have flared between towns, acequias, and parciantes on both sides

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My Bucket List

When I ran a fly shop long ago, I’d look at fishing magazines and see myself in all the pictures. I hadn’t heard the term “bucket list” yet, and if

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Casting Outward: Book Review

In the world of today—200,000 years into human evolution and a couple centuries into the Industrial Age—few living beings can embody the concept of pristine Nature like native fish. We

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Trout Unlimited: January 2022

On the Value of Optimism On a trip to Chama yesterday, I took outsized pleasure in the hazardous driving conditions. It was snowing hard, which, in these times of heartbreaking

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Trout Unlimited: December 2021

Trout Unlimited Senior Producer Honored by OWAAReprinted with permission from Trout Unlimited As editor-in-chief at Trout Unlimited, I am grateful every day for the talent I get to work with,

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Trout Unlimited: November 2021

A Veteran Gives Back Wes Dyer has been a fly fisherman since he was a boy growing up in Albuquerque. Nothing hard core—he was just a normal New Mexico kid

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