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February 2024

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Photo by Daniel Carmona: Fresh flowers and produce at Taos Farmers Market, with smiling Sheri.

Cerro Vista, A Local Community Farm

Have fun. Be in nature. Meet new people… and take home best-quality fresh produce from a local farm! Cerro Vista Farm grows best-quality fresh vegetables and flowers, grown with organic methods. They do not use pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, or genetically modified organisms to grow their produce. A crew of 50 local community members works at the farm each week, putting lots of love into the food they produce.

The farm is beautifully situated, at 198 Lower Buena Vista Road in Cerro, north of Questa. They sell their crops on the same day they are harvested—talk about fresh! Produce that fresh can have healing qualities as well as delicious flavor.
Though the growing season averages only 85 days frost-free, the sandy loam soils and high mountain snowmelt that irrigates the fields enable them to grow 40 different varieties of vegetables, grains, and beans.

Beginning May 19, from 3 to 6 pm on Wednesdays, you can stop by the farm stand at Cerro Vista Farm. Vegetable and flower seedlings will be offered for sale until June 16.

Starting June 23, fresh vegetables will be for sale all summer long. You can get this wonderful food in small bits at their outlets: the Questa Farmers Market on Sundays, Taos Farmers Market on Saturdays, and at the Farm in Cerro on Wednesdays. OR, better yet, secure a weekly bag-full, a “farm share,” with whatever is harvested that week. This investment keeps you in fresh produce and supports the farm, known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm Shares. Farm shares are for sale until May 15, and as of press time there were still 44 available!

Photo by Daniel Carmona: 18 acres of healthy living fresh produce, right here in our backyards!

If you have questions about the farm’s offerings or if you would like to purchase a CSA Farm Share, contact Daniel Carmona, farm manager, at the farm website www.cerrovistafarm.com.