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The Class of 2023 Stands

Class of 2023 passes the torch as they graduate from Questa High School

Questa’s high school graduation was held on May 20 at 10 a.m. Friends and family members filled the mini pit to celebrate the 18 graduates from the class of 2023. This year’s class had two valedictorians, Dawson Breen and Joaquin Hawkes who did a co-speech, citing sharing the title and GPA made it appropriate. Karina Rael was this year’s salutatorian. Principal Kimber MacDonald and the administration happily shook hands with the graduates as they received their diplomas. Living Word Ministries Pastor Peter Martinez was the guest speaker for the commencement ceremony.

“This is your home,” lamented Pastor Martinez. “As you go out into the world to make your own futures, we hope that someday you will return here to be leaders.”

The Class of 2023 Stands
Co-Valedictorians Dawson Breen and Joaquin Hawkes Speaking at the podium
Salutatorian Karina Rael proudly glances at her family during her speech

Questa recognizes graduating seniors throughout town


Questa Jr./Sr. Honor Society honored the 2023 graduates by creating customized banners, honoring each of the seniors with their image and names. The banners were proudly displayed throughout the town, hanging from the light poles through the Main Street of Questa. The LOR Foundation funded the project.