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Courtesy Photos Teresa Dovalpage and Gary James in Machu Picchu, winter in the Southern Hemisphere!

Cuba And Machu Picchu In Peru

Courtesy Photos Pictured here is Teresa Dovalpage in a lovely Cuban patio.

Questa Del Rio News’ official Spanish translator is Dr. Teresa Dovalpage, PhD. A native of Cuba, La Te, as we call her, is a professor of Spanish studies and Language at New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs. This summer she and her husband, Gary James, had a wonderful visit to Peru, where they visited the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. They then traveled to Cuba to visit her family and her homeland.


  • Teresa Dovalpage

    Teresa Dovalpage was born in Havana, Cuba. She has a PhD in Hispanic Literature from the University of New Mexico and is currently a Spanish professor at New Mexico Junior College. She is the author of twelve novels, three collections of short stories and three theater plays. Her Havana Mystery series, published by Soho Crime, debuted with the culinary mystery Death Comes in through the Kitchen (2018). The second novel, Queen of Bones (2019) was chosen by NBC News as one of the top “10 books from 2019 by and about Latinos.” The third is Death of a Telenovela Star (2020), set on a Caribbean cruise. Upcoming is Death under the Perseids (December 2021). 2. Links to websites and twitter https://teredovalpage.com http://teresadovalpage.com https://twitter.com/Dovalpage 3. Personal email: dovalpage@aol.com Teresa Dovalpage, Ph.D. Professor of Spanish and ESL New Mexico Junior College http://teredovalpage.com http://teresadovalpage.com

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