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May 2024

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Courtesy Photo: United States Senator from NM, Martin Heinrich

Electrification Can Help Meet Climate Goals

In December I spoke at the first-ever White House Electrification Summit, where leading policymakers and officials from the Biden Administration explored how electrification can help the U.S. meet its climate and equity goals, while lowering costs, creating great careers in the building trades, and helping families live in cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable homes.

It was only a year ago that I formed the Electrification Caucus in Congress to advance policies that will accelerate widespread electrification. Today’s summit at the White House is truly a testament to how far we have already moved the needle on placing electrification at the forefront of our climate agenda.

New Mexicans stand to benefit more than almost anyone else from the benefits of electric technologies—from heat pumps for home heating and cooling to induction stovetops and electric clothes dryers. The Inflation Reduction Act, the landmark climate law that we passed earlier this year, is delivering $87 million to the State of New Mexico and Tribes in the state to implement consumer home energy rebate programs, enabling families to make their homes more energy efficient, upgrade electric appliances, and cut energy costs.

Read more about the steps that we are taking in Congress to electrify America’s future in a column published this week in The Hill. I hope you will join in the growing movement to achieve an optimistic and attainable vision for widespread electrification.

United States Senator
VIDEO: U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich addresses the first-ever White House Electrification Summit, December 14, 2022.