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Embracing Nature

It is such a privilege to be your librarian! One of the perks of this job is to hear the giggles, chatter, and joyous shouts from our Summer Reading Program kids meeting in our garden. I believe their time outside here will create long lasting memories for all of them.

Your library staff is committed to providing opportunities for community kids to be outside playing and creating as much as possible. The benefits of being outdoors have long been underrated! We live in a beautiful place where just getting outdoors promises better breathing, better sleep, and better mental health. The simple act of going for a walk after dinner is an excellent way of getting exercise and lowering blood pressure, and even creating opportunities for family time. Outdoor activities improve our connections to our surroundings. Maybe we will experience the wonder of the wildlife in our area. Or maybe we will discover the night universe!

We encourage everyone to venture out of the house. Leave the phone, TV, and computer turned off. Listen to the world around you. There is so much to experience!