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June 2024

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Enchanted Circle Electric Vehicle Stations

From Kit Carson Electric Co-op

KCEC has installed 26 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Enchanted Circle. They will install an additional 22 EV charging stations this summer to prepare for the vast adoption of EVs. EVs will reduce carbon emissions while providing a

new opportunity for rural communities to invest in more carbon-efficient vehicles.
With demand up and supplies down, costs for everything have increased. Passing along those higher costs to consumers causes financial pressure on KCEC members. The cost of fuel and utilities (gas, diesel, natural gas, propane) continues to increase with no sign of relief. This summer, KCEC will be 100% Daytime Solar. Members will see a decrease in their electric bills through the fuel adjustment line item. The lower rates will give KCEC members financial relief during these difficult times.
KCEC is creating a clean environment for our communities to preserve the natural beauty of Northern NM. Creating a carbon-free climate will raise the standard for a better quality of life for our younger generations.

Luis A. Reyes Jr., CEO of KCEC

[Editor’s Note: Questa has an operational EV station at the Family & Youth Center, and a second EV station will be installed at the Questa Visitor early this summer.]