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May 2024

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Soon-to-be local celebrities Kam and Dina Coleman at the campfire.

Fresh Photos with Fresh Faces to Promote Questa

A full day of promotional photos were taken in late October to add fresh imagery to the collection of photographs of our beautiful Questa area. The photo shoot was part of New Mexico Tourism Department’s “New Mexico True” advertising cooperative campaign, which Questa is now part of, thanks to the joint efforts of the Questa Economic Development Fund, the Village of Questa, and Chevron.

Adventure sports photographer Michael Clark of Santa Fe (https://www.michaelclarkphoto.com/) took hundreds of photos of camping activities, hiking, fishing, and rock climbing, which were then culled to 30 images—not an easy job!

These quality photos (see a sampling below) will be used to promote Questa on the Visit Questa and New Mexico True websites, as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages. They will also appear in half-page ads scheduled for this spring in New Mexico Magazine (April, May, and June), Albuquerque The Magazine (April), Texas Monthly (April), and Denver’s 5280 Magazine (April, May, and June). The ads will direct readers to the new www.VisitQuesta.com website, where they will find information to plan their visits and all of the activities they can enjoy during their Questa stay.

People who volunteered to be a part of the photo shoot (and may become famous!) include locals Dina and Kam Coleman, Chris and Josh Michael, and Larissa Passino; Taosenos Jay Foley and Sheila Miller of Mountain Skills Rock Guides of Taos; QEDF Director Lynn Skall; and Trout Unlimited representative Toner Mitchell. Get autographs while you can!