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May 2024

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Help Those In Need for Pennies on the Dollar, by November 20

Hello friends and neighbors,

Some of you may be aware of a local initiative that has emerged in Taos County over the past couple of years. Local faith groups and individual members of the community work with Taos Holy Cross Hospital, to retire medical debt of Taos County residents. The new CEO of the hospital has agreed to continue this program this year.

The beauty of this program is that each dollar given retires many dollars of medical debt. Three thousand local families saw $2.1 million in medical debt forgiven last year, making life a little easier for those who have the misfortune of illness or injury without benefit of proper health insurance.
I experienced first-hand the crushing weight of astronomical medical debt, as the young, blue-collar father of an extremely premature baby, back in 1975. I also experienced the incredible grace of the wider community, whose generosity covered much of our son’s medical care and forgave the rest through programs like this one.

I invite you to make a contribution to the Medical Debt Relief Fund. Again, medical debt is retired for pennies on the dollar, so any amount makes a big difference. You can send your gift to:
Holy Cross Hospital, 1397 Weimer Rd., Taos, NM 87571. Write “Medical Debt Relief” in the memo line. But do it right away because donations need to arrive by November 20.

Thanks for your consideration,
Jonathan Hutchison

Feel free to contact me about this at (575) 586-2379.