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Insights Into Real Estate Trends

As your local real estate professional, I have the privilege of showcasing why northern New Mexico is an incredible place to live. But it’s amusing how often people from the east coast ask, “You live where? In Mexico? Do they only speak Spanish there?” No, no, it’s New Mexico—the land of enchantment! Interestingly, whether you’re a native or a transplant to New Mexico, many people outside the state struggle to pinpoint its location, and some have even questioned if it’s part of the United States. Truly, New Mexico is a hidden gem.

And while I’d love to focus solely on our delicious Hatch green chile and amazing natural beauty, it’s essential to acknowledge the significant downsides of rural life in northern New Mexico when considering a home purchase. Although we call the land of enchantment home, it’s important to recognize that it may not be the ideal destination for everyone.

In this column, I’ll discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in New Mexico, based on my own experiences. When discussing relocation with a potential buyer, there are common themes that tend to come up as they weigh the pros and cons of settling in rural northern New Mexico. Some of the most prevalent topics follow.

“You don’t have a Target nearby?” Well, there’s one in Santa Fe, about two hours south. “So, what amenities are available here in northern New Mexico?” Supporting local businesses is a unique aspect of our community. Many of us happily make our way over to nearby mom-and-pop shops to say hello or purchase our favorite things! Although occasionally we may find ourselves comparing prices with online retailers or larger chains. While franchise chains dominate much of the country, northern New Mexico remains a stronghold for local businesses and it is easy to be proud of that. Living here, you’ll find a refreshing number of local restaurants and businesses that serve as pillars of our community and deserve our support. For some, proximity to conveniences is non-negotiable, while others have adapted by maximizing online shopping options or making monthly trips to Santa Fe for retail therapy.

I will say the demand for affordable housing and access to well-paying jobs are challenges, particularly in rural areas. Remote work, entrepreneurship, or self-sustenance through homesteading are common solutions. Many of us Norteños are accustomed to planning our morning commutes with an eye on weather and a careful eye out for wildlife. It’s easy to decide what you are willing to settle for, whether it’s a scenic drive through the mountains or navigating bumper to bumper traffic, residents prioritize their lifestyle preferences. Those relocating from busy cities may find the slower pace of life refreshing, while others may struggle to adjust. Overall, residents tend to adopt a more laid-back attitude and derive joy from nature and community. Our love for sunrises, sunsets, and mountains defines our northern New Mexico experience.

What keeps you rooted here? Is it the diverse multicultural community, the exciting arts scene, outdoor recreational opportunities, or perhaps it’s your grandma who lives just down the road? Regardless of the reasons, living in northern New Mexico offers a unique blend of culture, scenery, and community. What sells you on living in northern New Mexico?