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Courtesy Photo: Mayor John Anthony Ortega

Legislative Priorities For Village Of Questa

With the 2023 Legislative Session upon us, the Village of Questa has outlined its legislative priorities for this session.

The village has named several key initiatives to improve the quality of life and future for the Village of Questa, some of which include infrastructure upgrades, public safety fleets, and investments into the youth facilities in the town.

Mayor John Ortega has noted that the village is requesting capital outlay funding to address needed upgrades and repairs, specifically to the sewer plan and increasing the number of sewer lines in the town. Additionally, the mayor has said that the New Mexico Office of Natural Resources and Trustees (ONRT) has also provided some funding for the village to establish a new water well. While the funding is a great start, the village will need additional support from the state to complete this project.

Where road infrastructure is concerned, the mayor says a request will be made to complete the paving project of Cabresto Road, a three-phase project which has only completed the first phase to-date. Additionally, a request for funding will be made to pave the upper and lower Embargo Roads as well as to fix Shirley Road. “These roads are in major disrepair and are currently village priorities,” Mayor Ortega says.

Public Safety remains a big part of the mayor’s promise to bring back a police department in Questa, a promise he’s kept by hiring police chief Ronald Montez Jr. in the fall of 2022. In this same spirit, Mayor Ortega will be seeking funding to purchase 3-4 new police vehicles to equip the department with a fleet in order to respond to calls. The mayor is also seeking funding to complete a new fire department building, a project that has been supported by congressional funding but needs state support to be completed. Additionally, the Mayor will be seeking funding to purchase a vehicle for municipal staff to conduct business in and around Questa.

In closing, Mayor Ortega says improving the quality of life for the youth in Questa is a big priority, therefore, he will be requesting for funding to create a rodeo grounds and skate park for the youth to utilize. He will also be requesting funding to repair the library, which has fallen into disrepair.