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June 2024

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Letter to Questa Community from Mayor John Ortega

Dear Questa Residents:

I realize some of the Village roads are in bad shape and have lots of potholes. My staff and I are working diligently to get funding to repave all these roads. Last year we applied for funding for seven roads projects, and we were awarded DOT funding on three of those road projects. This year we will again apply for the funding to repave the roads that weren’t funded last year. We do have partial funding on some of these roads, but it is not enough to complete the projects.

In the meantime, we will be placing road millings and asphalt mix to repair some of the worst potholes. Our crew will be working diligently to get those fixed. The difficulty with that is the holes must be completely dry with no predicted snow in the forecast to get those done, if not it will all come out when the roads are snow plowed.
Here is the list of roads we requested funding for in 2023:

  • Cabresto Rd. Phase 2 – was not funded. Partial funded, will be completing draining and culvert work this summer. We still need about $1 million dollars for full completion.
  • Cabresto Rd. Phase 3 – fully funded in 2023, hope to complete this summer.
  • Embargo Rd. – was not funded. Partial funding from Chevron and DOT. We need about $2 million dollars to complete.
  • Lower Embargo Rd.- Partially funded, we need about $500 thousand to complete.
  • Lower Embargo Rd. Bridge – funded in 2023, we hope to complete by next spring, will include a walking bridge.
  • Old Lama Rd. – was not funded, we will he seeking funding. Need about $1.5 million to complete.
  • Shirley Dr. – fully funded in 2023. Small project, mostly draining and grading to be done this summer.
  • Old State Rd 3 – seeking funding.
  • Mountain View Road – seeking funding.

We are also having a road assessment done on all roads to see their status, speed limits, speed bumps and condition.

I apologize for not getting these all done sooner, we are working on it. Please let me know if you have and additional questions. My number is (575) 779-2474.