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Letters to the Editor: February 2023

Dear Editor,

I am deeply interested in contributing to a resilient future for our community and our planet. Over the past couple of years, I have been working on a project I am convinced can lead us into that livable future.

The model, created and developed by Oxford economist Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics: 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist, is based on the principles of circularity and provides a framework for a new paradigm that is generous, distributive, and regenerative. The doughnut of planetary boundaries and social boundaries defines a safe and just space in which all of humanity can thrive. It challenges economic theory of infinite growth, and most importantly, it balances the needs of the individual within the boundaries of planetary health.

The systems approach to an economic model that asks the fundamental question: “Can healthy economies be designed to thrive whether or not they grow?” I am grateful for it to be published in the interest of informing people of a situation that challenges us to question our values.

I would also be happy to share what I’ve been studying and developing on Doughnut Economics for Taos County, to introduce the model and its framework, and invite players to explore how we can all participate! My contact information is included.

Together we can transform our world from the local level!
Suzie Schwartz
Norteños for Peaceful and
Resilient Futures
El Prado
(575) 770 2629