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Letters to the Editor: November 2022

The Life of a Journalist

My name is Gracie M. and I am a Fifth-grade Alta Vista Journalist. I like to write articles for the Questa Newspaper. I interview students and teachers. I want to investigate things, so people know what’s happening in our community. I hope to write an article for each month’s paper.

Thank you, Gracie! We are delighted to welcome you as our Alta Vista Student Correspondent. We congratulate you on your budding career in Journalism and we look forward to working with you. Keep up the good work! Click Here to Read Sproutings

Update to Rio Costilla Beaver Article

My name is Steven DeHerrera, born and raised in Costilla, NM. I am a member of the 5th generation to live and hold ownership of the same land as my ancestors. “But,” let’s talk about water: El Rio de la Costilla has been and is today a very important issue for all residents in the area. Starting in Amalia, Costilla, Garcia, and surrounding settlements, as the saying goes, “Water is Life,” La Agua es Vida. We need to restore our Rio de la Costilla which has brought livelihood and so much more to our communities. There are a lot more issues besides beavers; there is involvement, concern, dedication, and the list goes on. There are many fond memories of this Rio for us in this present generation and many past generations. We all went fishing, swimming, and ice skating on the river when we were younger. The installation of the two pond levelers on the Rio de la Costilla is a great start in the Restoration Project.

There’s been water in our acequias now so late in the season, something we haven’t seen in a long time. It’s good to see and hear water flowing. Let’s continue moving forward with our project, much more to be done, let’s get involved. Restore El Rio de la Costilla. We are looking forward to more articles and information in Questa del Rio News. We thank their publication for the great job they are doing in northern Taos County. Excellent staff, great articles! Also a big thank you to Toner Mitchell and his associates at Trout Unlimited for their hard work and dedication.

Steven DeHerrera

Kudos to Cutler Paving

I am very impressed with the excellent paving job on Highway 522. Cutler Paving, of Lawrence, Kansas did an excellent job as did everyone who made this project move forward. Thank you to the Village and the County and everyone who helped fund this much-needed paving project.

Jeannie Masters

Dear Editors,
I let constituents know that simply electing me guarantees almost nothing. Commissioners from other districts would have to be in agreement. My hope in starting early is that other first-timers will join me in running on the Self-fed platform, with 2030 as our focal point. It would be marvelous news for the Taos Valley, for example, if a young, bright person like Dylan Crabb were to run. I nominate Mr. Crabb.
2030, to me, isn’t far off. The distance one places a candle for meditation.

Tax-free farming and SPG (surplus purchase guarantees) are agricultural parity principles, and 15% budget funding for local food production is from Dr. Martin Luther King’s ‘People’s Budget’; the policies I’m promoting are old hat. But, bundling them to achieve a specific goal – the capacity to grow all our own food, and by 2030 – that’s new.

Together, I see these policies supercharging each other, driving supply and demand up, in balance, very dramatically.

Thank you for the opportunity to express myself to your readers.

Matthew Swaye

Thank you, Mr. Swaye, for your support of agriculture. As you know the Questa area has historically been a center of regional agriculture. A large part of Questa’s economic renaissance is to restore farming to its glory days, and beyond! Good luck with your bid for Taos County Commission. And thank you for acknowledging and nominating our lead reporter Dylan R.N. Crabb. He has made a big difference at our humble paper and does an excellent job with his non-partisan political reporting. Although he has respectfully declined your nomination, we do agree that he and other great, young minds like his, would make a big difference to the Taos area. Good luck on your campaign. Keep that candle burning!