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May 2024

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Photo by Dylan R. N. Crabb Maria Gonzalez, best known locally for her work with the Vida Del Norte Coalition, is the new Questa Community Officer for the LOR Foundation.

LOR Foundation Sets Up Shop in Questa!

Questeña Maria Gonzalez has been hired for the position of Questa Community Officer with the LOR Foundation. “Community officers listen for opportunities to improve livability in their communities, define and scope potential projects, and deliver all kinds of resources—including funding—that support community-driven priorities,” such was the job description that LOR posted in creating this position for Questa.

They continue, “The ideal candidate comes to LOR with deep community connections, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a passion for problem solving. This full-time role requires a caring and curious disposition to understand community needs from different perspectives and strong communication skills to engage people from all backgrounds.”

While they admit the difficulty in finding one candidate with all the qualifications needed, they have found these qualities in Maria, and more, including experience working with Spanish-speaking communities, a LOR priority.

“I am in the training process at the moment and should be in full gear at the beginning of the new year. I am very excited to be in this new position and work in a larger capacity for the greater good of Questa. I will be holding my coordinator position with the Vida Del Norte Coalition until we are fully funded again and are able to hire a new Coordinator to take on the day-to-day tasks.” Maria did such a great job with Vida, we are sure through LOR she can help take Questa to the next level!

As part of Maria’s role with LOR, she will also take on the facilitation of the monthly Norteños meetings, currently being led by Questa Economic Development Fund Director Lynn Skall.

Maria has a proven track record as an administrator, team player and community organizer. Maria graduated from Questa High School, Class of 1999. Maria had been in the Social Services Field for the past 18 years and has held several positions where she collaborated with several organizations. Maria was born in Questa in her dad’s Bonneville at her Grandma’s! She is a true Questeña, and takes pride in being from here. Maria is excited about this new role, she has seen Questa develop over the years and feels that she can be an asset that will contribute to Questa’s growth.

Do you have an idea that would help the community? Maybe Maria Gonzalez and the LOR Foundation can help. Contact Maria at (575) 665-2001 or maria@lorfoundation.org.