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New Years Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolutions

By Aubrey Cisneros

Hello! For me, New Years is scary, going into a new year, you never know what’s going to happen! But in all honesty— I love it! New Year, new me! Am I right? Here are some New Year’s resolutions I have made: Pray more, get better at math, go to Taos Academy, meet new people, be the manager for volleyball, basketball, and track. Hope you like my New Year resolutions!

Fifth Grade Resolutions as interpreted by Teacher Mr. John

  • I want to become a better friend to my classmates.
  • I want to get better at math class
  • I want less drama in the school day
  • I want to be kind to my teachers and classmates
  • I want to make a million bucks
  • I want to get better grades
  • I want to finish work early and not have homework

My New Year’s Hopes

By John Walsh; Alta Vista’s 4 – 5 grades Teacher

  • I hope that every student comes to school each day with a smile on their face and excitement in their eyes.
  • I hope that I come to school every day with a smile on my face and excitement in my eyes.
  • I hope that ski days are as safe as possible.
  • I pray that students listen in class with their ears and not their mouths.
  • I hope that all my endeavors are smooth and easy.
  • I hope that all my students’ parents will drill their student on multiplication tables each week.

Photo by Elaine Romero; Santa Claus took time out of his busy schedule in December to visit Questa’s Alta Vista Elementary/Intermediate School. Pictured here are Santa, counselor Madalena Miera and daughter Maliyah.