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Helen Elena Cisneros

OBITUARY: Helen Elena Cisneros

d. January 5, 2024

Helen Elena Cisneros, age 89, passed away peacefully at home on Friday, January 5, 2024 and was buried on Saturday, January 6, 2024.

She is survived by her daughter Diane Padilla (Juan); granddaughter Yvette and Daniel Merritt; great-grandkids Michael, Rebecca and Benjamin; granddaughter Mindy and Mike Barbee; great-grandson Rigel; Daughter Joyce and Manuel Romero; grandkids Manuelito, Gilbert and Marcos; great-granddaughter Audrey and Marcus Chavez; great-great grandkids Marika, Jacob and Easton; Daughter (niece) Velma Bailon; sisters Menora Houser, Mary Paco Segura, Shona Kern, Maria Inez Montoya and Kate Cisneros; many nephews, nieces, brother and sisters.

Helen is preceded in death by her husband Adelmo Cisneros; mother Agripina Pina Montoya; siblings Ernesto Montoya, Luis Montoya, Eliza Montoya and Lupe Medina.

Helen began working in Denver in the office of a laundry service company; she was good at spelling and math. She was a part-time chauffeur for her employer. This is where the WHITE GLOVES came in. Helen also worked most of her time as a waitress, which she enjoyed. Her hobbies included playing cards and doing laundry. Her favorite pastime was going out to eat, especially at Michael’s Kitchen.