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Judith Underwood Starbuck, age 96

OBITUARY: Judith Underwood Starbuck

Judith Underwood Starbuck, age 96, passed away in Tucson, AZ on February 11, after a brief illness. She was predeceased by her husband Ward Starbuck, her sister Denise Underwood Martin, and her brother The Hon. Wynn Underwood. A longtime resident of San Cristobal, NM, she was raised in Sudbury, VT. An avid downhill skier, she was training for the 1940 Olympics when the games were canceled. She was a dancer, model, actress, teacher, ski instructor and pursued a wide range of interests, including music of the southwest. In 1961 she married Ward Starbuck in Vermont North Pomfret, VT. They moved to San Cristobal, where they lived for 20 years and are still remembered fondly. They designed and built a cabin, Judy learned Spanish, and converted to Catholicism. She organized a children’s choir for the church, accompanying them and composing songs for them. Her later life was simple (she cut her own hair), athletic (she swam every chance she got), generous (she gave away much of what she owned and created), and faithful. She died at peace. She is survived by her nieces and nephews: Hillary Martin Kanfer, Jay Hart Martin, and Timothy Underwood Martin; Sky Underwood Cardile, Joel Traver Underwood, Andrea Underwood Jones, Darcy Underwood Carter, and Margot Hillary Underwood. The family is planning a memorial service later this year.