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May 2024

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Parents Take Action to Protect Their Kids


Have you noticed the banners around Taos County asking you to pledge to “Refuse to Provide Alcohol to Minors”? If so, you’re right in the swing of things. Banners can be seen in Questa, Costilla, Red River, Taos, Peñasco, and Ranchos de Taos.

Parents surveyed in July and Au-gust by Vida del Norte and Taos Alive at Questa community events are proof that small is good—In our communities, 86% of parents surveyed had noticed the campaign banners.

And then came this truly astonishing response: When asked, “Have you changed a behavior related to alcohol as a result?” a whopping 31% said YES. The changes included:

  • not drinking and driving
  • stopped drinking alcohol
  • not drinking around the kids any more
  • not letting kids go to parties
  • not letting them know the dangers of drinking and drugs

Several parents shared that they already have an alcohol-free home.More than two-thirds of parents felt that after-school and outdoor activities were most helpful in keeping their children from using alcohol and other drugs. Six of seven parents thought that evening activities for youth were also helpful.The Refuse to Provide Alcohol to Minors campaign, sponsored by Vida del Norte Drug-Free Coalition and six other organizations, has been going strong since just before Memorial Day weekend. The banners will come down at the end of September, with the exception of those at the Vida del Norte office on Red River Road. Maria Gonzalez, Vida Coalition Coordinator said, “They’re working and we’re keeping them up!” And you may see notices posted in alcohol stores, ad-vising that giving alcohol to minors is a Class 4 Felony that could land you in jail.

The campaign’s Phase II—“Redefine the Word “Party” has more to come, after the successful Music Festival. We know we don’t need alcohol to have a great time!

To support alcohol-free activities for our youth, contact Maria Gonzalez, Coordinator of VIda del Norte Drug Free Coalition, (575) 779-2260.