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QISD Board Sets Date for Public Forum on School Week

The Questa Independent School District Board deliberated over potential benefits of altering the district’s standard school week to either a 5-day week or a 4-day week with one hybrid day. The Board decided on a date for a public forum so the Questa public can be a part of the discussion.

The idea is a response to the learning loss experienced at the height of the 2020 COVID pandemic as Principal Elaine Romero discussed with Questa del Rio News last December. An administrative concern with extending the school week is increased budget cost.

Diane Leon of the QISD Calendar Committee spoke at the board meeting saying “there are concerns about learning loss from COVID so our committee is exploring whether or not a 5-day week would help.”

Mrs. Leon explained two primary reasons for the change:

(1) address learning loss particularly at the elementary level;
(2) assist families with child care on Fridays.

Mrs. Leon also mentioned that if the district returned to a 5-day week, it would not be able to return to a 4-day week again because the New Mexico Public Education Department no longer allows it. A compromise option would be to open up one day specifically for struggling students or advanced students who may need or want extra time in school but will not need the entirety of the school facilities to be open, this option would also take some of the increased operational costs away from the district.
See the Questa del Rio News Facebook page for updates on this story.

A partial recording of the January 18 QISD Board meeting is available to the public at the following web address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2MDBLblmMs&t=1820s.