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QISD School Board Reports, 2/8/22

Maintenance: “Everything’s lined out, different schools, different contractors. If you guys have any specific issues or concerns just let me know.” —Facilities Supervisor Robert Martinez

Transportation: School bus inspections will take place March 21. The QISD is required to schedule at least two outside contracted bus inspections per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. —Superintendent Maldonado

Technology: We’re still working with re-configuring phones… about 90% up and running. We still have a few phones in classrooms that are not connecting—they’re able to call [in network but not call out of network] so we’re trying to figure that out with Granite. — Superintendent Maldonado

Also working to place more controls on student accounts in Microsoft Teams and working on transitioning digital resources for classrooms from Microsoft to Google. Board Secretary Michael Cordova asked how long this process [transitioning to Google] might take. “If we had an IT person to work on it, it would probably take us about a month to get that completed. With the route we’re going—with myself and Ms. MacDonald … probably it will take us a good three or four months,” replied Superintendent Maldonado. Maldonado suggests finishing the current school year with Microsoft Teams. Principal Kimber MacDonald agreed. — Superintendent Maldonado

“At the 7th through 12th grade levels, I do see a need for a virtual platform: so much of their information including textbooks come from online. The issue with Microsoft Teams is it’s so systemic to our entire structure, our website, that’s our domain, so all of our e-mails are tied to that website.” — Principal Kimber MacDonald

Board President Jason Rael inquired to Principal MacDonald about the possibility of using Canvas LMS (digital learning management system). “It is, in my opinion, a very unfriendly platform for students, it’s just awkward. I definitely would not have elementary kids on Canvas because it’s not very intuitive.” — Principal Kimber MacDonald

Athletics: The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated schedule changes regarding school athletics.
Cafeteria: QISD recently received a complaint from the New Mexico Public Education Department about “exposed utensils.” Superintendent Maldonado explained that utensils from here on out will be “dispensed by a dispenser so they are not out in the open.” There are two conferences coming up this year, “…one by NM PED’s Student Success & Wellness Bureau on April 19-20 and the other by the NM School Nutrition Association on June 7-8…We’re planning on sending two staff to represent the district: Nutrition Director Corine Lovato and Head Cook Sharon Quintana.” — Superintendent Maldonado
SPED: No updates from Principal MacDonald regarding special education.

The school board’s live stream on YouTube experienced some significant maintenance issues, even going down for some time. You can view future live streams of the QISD board meetings at the following web address: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuLsXpB9jyfDrIW0iuGAkdw.