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Questa Del Rio News December Fundraising Results


Because of you we raised $13,865!

That will go a long way toward keeping our local newspaper alive and free.

Thank you to our sponsors: New Mexico Local News Fund, Kit Carson Electric,
Kit Carson Internet, Mountain Range Supply, and Chevron

A special thanks goes out to donors Edward & Lynn Galusky, Kerry Shepherd & Fritz Davis, Taos Community Foundation, Gordon Wesley & Jan Iverson, and Ellen Wood for your over-the-top generous support.

We couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks to all of our donors who showed how much Local News
means to you by making a contribution when your donation was
matched in December by our corporate sponsors:

Linda Anderson, Roger & Louise Archuleta, Angela Bates,
Susan Beschler, Kristina Briedenbach, Martha Bryant,
Dave Burgette, Daniel Carmona, Terrance Carroll, Jane Corinne,
A. Degan, Vicki Duncan, Richard Edson, Jeff Endicott, Anne Fairchild,
Justin Friedman, Donald Gallegos, Louise Gallegos, Cynthia Godar,
Sajit Greene, Julie Ann Grimm, Richard Grossman, Gabriel Herrera,
Louis Herrera, Julie & ROBERT Hillery, Sharon Hodges,
Kenneth & Margaret Jassmann, Andy Kabza, Lynn & Jane Kircher,
Graham & CAROLE Knight, Rachel Kuc, Paul Kunkel, Carrie Leven, Trish Lopez,
Lindsay Mapes, Jill Martinez, Lou McCall, Joan McDonald,
Adelita Mead, Manuel & Michael Medina, Donna Mitchell-Moniak,
Benita Montoya, Angelo Domingo & Benita Muniz,
Peggy Nelson, John Nichols, Sharon Nicholson, Jennifer Paris,
Steve Pendleton, Don Rael, Malaquias & Danette Rael, Marie Reynolds,
Betty Richter, Stephanie De La Rosa, Connie Schevers,
Suzanne Schwartz, Lynn Skall, Molly Stroh,Lezlie Stroh,
Joan Olsson/Jane Stuehling, Diana Tittle, Delena Trujillo, Andrew Tulchin,
Laura Vallejos, Emily Wilde, Teruko Wilde, Wind Spirits Tiles,
and Riede Wyatt.